Board Squares Set - Transparent Clear

  • $6.00

  • Contains 32 LEGO® elements of a single color in new condition
  • Does not come with a chess board
  • Ships in 1-3 business days
  • Shipping & Handling is calculated at checkout
  • Choking hazard. Small Parts. Intended Age: 15+

Swap out one of the the square colors on your Brick Mini Chess board. This set contains enough pieces for half of a board's squares (a full 8x8 board has 64 squares). Combine any two Board Squares Sets in different colors for a fully custom look! You will need a Brick Mini Chess board kit as a base for these squares or you can design your own board base using your own collection of pieces. However, this set alone will not be enough to make a full board.

The 1x1 "plates" (meaning they have a connecting stud on top) in this set will allow you to secure Brick Mini Chess pieces to them. You can also combine this set with "tiles" (meaning they are smooth on top) from a Board Tiles Set if you want to create a clean look, albeit sacrificing the connectivity that the studded plates provide.

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