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Please note that Brick Mini™ is not responsible for delays in shipments with the United States Postal Service, UPS, and DHL. Some international shipments may be placed on hold with the carrier due to COVID-19 restrictions. Brick Mini™ will continue to ship orders, but if there are shipment problems once the carrier has the package the carrier will need to be the point of contact for the customer.

Shipping or Return Related Questions:

Please refer to Shipping & Returns.

What is Brick Mini?

Brick Mini™ is a small product design company dedicated to bringing innovative and inspiring brick-friendly products to the world. We specialize in designing and producing highly-detailed, plastic-injection cast pieces at a very small scale. After a couple years designing and planning various product lines, we launched our first Kickstarter campaign in June of 2019 where we debuted Brick Mini Chess pieces. Today we sell a small collection of nano-sized pieces including nano-soldiers. We plan to continually grow our product line with more fun and micro-sized elements!

Who designs your pieces and kits?

Brick Mini products - including original elements and kits) are designed solely in-house.

Why are your kit prices so high?

Brick Mini™ kits are comprised entirely of new-condition LEGO® elements that must be purchased through third-party sellers (same channels that are available to the general public). Through these marketplaces, part cost, including shipping, can often be many times more expensive than what is offered directly through LEGO®. As a further note, every Brick Mini kit is an original product that takes significant time to design, create instructions for, and assemble together into a convenient package for you, the consumer. While it is entirely possible for consumers to acquire parts themselves from online brick marketplaces, it is likely that just the cost to ship the parts from various sellers will make that 'kit' much more expensive than what we offer here.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Our online store is capable of accepting payments via Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopify Pay, and JCB.

What if I have an issue with my order?

Please contact us.

Can I use a coupon or sale on a previous purchase?

No. Sales and coupon codes may not be applied to a finalized order even if the order has not shipped yet.

Will you restock kits that you sold in the past?

Brick Mini kits are produced in limited batches since the cost of acquiring parts for kits can be high. That being said, we will always notify customers what kits will be made available before hand through our facebook page and email newsletters. Please follow the facebook page and sign up for the email list if you want to be the first to have news of upcoming products. We will only send emails when we valuable information to share such as coupons, upcoming Kickstarter campaigns, limited-time offerings or the like.

I have my own parts. Can I buy the instructions without the kit?

Instruction manuals will be made available as downloadable PDFs. If we have sold a kit in the past and the PDF instruction manual is not available for purchase on the website, it will likely be made so eventually. 

I saw your parts and instructions on sale somewhere else online. Are they official sellers?

Brick Mini™ may from time to time sell product at wholesale to other companies, but we will likely limit those partnerships and publicly let people know when we enter agreements like that. Our kit instructions will likely never be sold anywhere but directly through brickmini.com. If you suspect someone has been selling our kit designs or original products without our permission, please let us know. 

Are Brick Mini™ kits real LEGO®?

Any piece within our kits that is currently produced by The LEGO group will be a genuine LEGO® piece. If we cannot source genuine LEGO® parts necessary for a kit then we will not sell that kit; however we will likely continue to sell instructions for the kit. Some kits may also include original Brick Mini™ parts.

Can you make me a specific kit?

Custom kits are great for parties, corporate team-building exercises, family events and more. We are happy to hear your needs for kits and would be willing to talk to you about your needs as well as give examples of our capabilities. Keep in mind that custom kits demand a lot of time to develop, create instructions for, source and assemble (picking/packing). Also keep in mind that sourcing bricks to create kits can be very expensive. As such, only serious inquiries will be entertained. 

Can you combine my orders?

There is no guarantee that orders will be combined. We do our best to accommodate to the requests of customers but are sometimes unable to do so due to time constraints.