Brickmania Waco CG-4 Glider

  • $59.99
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Original Design: Ryan Short (instagram - @Grasshoppersquadron)

Final Kit Design & Production: Brickmania

Contains: 133 Authentic LEGO bricks in new condition, including bricks with custom printed graphics

included: 2 complimentary Parachute Expansion Sets in a single color of your choice

Introducing an incredible new kit from Brickmania, the Nano-scale Waco CG-4 Glider! Both kits are original designs by our friend and military aircraft expert, Ryan Short, A.K.A. GrasshopperSquadron!

If you're familiar with Brickmania, you know they take their build kits seriously, and you can expect a high quality build experience from both of these beautiful models.

The CG-4, manufactured by the Waco Aircraft Company, was the most widely used military glider of World War II. Often towed behind the C-47 into combat arenas, the CG-4 a played a critical role during the D-Day assault to transport troops and cargo well behind enemy lines. Crewing such a craft was extremely hazardous as it meant unpowered navigation typically in the midst of heavy anti-aircraft fire, thick air traffic and small landing zones.

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